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As you know by now I love Biggby wanted to pass on the latest coupon + newsletter to all!
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Dads have many roles, including professionally, but at home they can roughhouse, have fun with, and help you learn how to become a dynamic and wonderful person. They coach you about life and help try to steer you down the right road, they can also have serious talks with you, be the good or bad cop and do their best to instill their values in you and help you grow into the person you become. There are many more things they do than just the few I’ve listed.
When my sister and I were growing up, our dad always helped us make memories that we still remember. We would play games, lounge around on a Sunday and watch football, we would play in the backyard (Yes I was a total tomboy!) we would build snowmen together and he would help us with schoolwork. He was a jack of all trades and I’m so thankful for him as a dad, I wouldn’t have traded him for anyone!
Whether you are a father, want to be a father, have acted like a father, live with your father, visit your father, call your father, have lost your father, have someone in your life that has been a father figure to you by being related or by feeling related – this is your time to celebrate and be thankful for all the life lessons that you have passed on or learned. Take this special day to appreciate “fathers” in your life by telling them how much they mean to you – life is short so don’t let that moment pass you by!
B thankful for the “fathers” in your life, I know I am!
FelicitySign Felicity
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