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As of Monday, summer has officially arrived! What types of activities do you like to do in the summer? Here are just some suggestions that I have, feel free to add your own:
BBQ! Get outside and enjoy those warm summer days with friends and family by BBQ-ing! To cool off while at a BBQ try a Frozen Hot Chocolate – lots of delicious flavors to choose from!
Invigorate yourself with the sun! Vitamin D is abundant with the sun, but please B careful and don’t forget your sunscreen! Studies show that spending time in the sun boosts Vitamin D and helps to ward off many diseases as well as things like depression and insomnia – so YEAH sun!! Beause you’ve avoided getting sunburned by applying your sunscreen – try an Iced Sunburn Latte (chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry) and let it transport you to an exotic spot!
Go on a road trip somewhere fun! BIGGBY COFFEE has just launched its mobile website at so make sure you visit the mobile website to find all BIGGBY COFFEE locations along your way. Stop in and try a Frozen Beautiful Haze latte (blackberry and hazelnut) – Yummo!
Go your local library and brush up on your reading! It’s the perfect time to find a quiet spot in the shade or in the sun and find that perfect book! Along the way try the Black, White and Red All Over Freeze (strawberries, chocolate and white chocolate) and you won’t B disappointed!
B a tourist in your own town! You never know what hidden treasures you will find. Along the way stop into a BIGGBY COFFEE and B a tourist! Even though we have so many amazing drinks ON our menu, there are lists of drinks in our Top Secret Recipe Book that aren’t on the menu boards. So B sure to check out the latte and chill of the day board behind the counter and try something new! You may just find yourself a new favorite!
YOU have a fun, safe and amazing start to your summer! Let me know what fun things you are up to so that i can vicariously enjoy some of your fun ideas and then attempt to do them myself! B happy, have fun, make friends, love people and drink great BIGGBY drinks!
B eing a memory maker this summer!
FelicitySign Felicity
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