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Saving with Sara New Donation Button

This button was added today to accept money on my blog.

Saving with Sara Donations

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This button was added for 2 reasons
1. I am trying to grow my blog. Because I am a new blogger (less than 2 months) currently I have not been able to host any product reviews or giveaways (items given to you for free). Hopefully in time the word will spread and companies will start providing me with products to do more of these, or if I am able to make enough money off my blog I will go and purchase items for giveaways myself.
I am a stay at home married married mother of two. At this time I do not have extra income that some of the other more well known bloggers do to draw people to their sites. I did not start my blog to make money I started it because I enjoy saving others money but would love to turn this into a full time career someday. Thank you for visiting my page and supporting me!
2. The other part of your donations will be going to charities in my hometown area. These include the Cherry Street Mission, Sparrows Nest, Salvation Army, etc. This year and many others I have donated money, items + time to many of the above places listed. I have made several trips and am in touch with many of the places listed. You will also see from time to time I will post lists of what they need and what I have done to help them out on my blog. I think it is so important to help others. The economy has hit our area very hard and even just $1 can make a huge change!
to view some of these posts
go here
or here

Thanks again for all your comments, support, spreading word of my blog and visiting my site! In the less than 2 months I have 1019 hits on my site, 182 followers on Facebook, 233 followers on Twitter, 10 followers on Networked Blogs, + 65 members on Blog Frog. Each and everyday I am working hard to add coupons, deals, freebies + more for the site! Thanks so much! Keep checking back you never know what you may find + please feel free to share my site with others!

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