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How RewardPort Really Works for You!
Shoppers across the United States use Reward Port for their Daily shopping needs. It is the only program of its kind that rewards you, the shopper, with more points and better gifts for simply doing what you already do online.
RewardPort is simple, FREE and it really works for you!
Reward Port Community:
You have just joined a growing group of educated consumers who have learned that YOU can get a percentage back for every dollar you spend on your online purchases from major retailers and more!
We bring you special discounts and saving offers from each of our merchant stores that you normally would not receive, such as free shipping and money saving coupons.
Aside from shopping you earn points for simply referring friends to our site and by taking surveys and signing up for various offers.
You can then take that percentage or in this case we give you points, Reward Port Points and use them towards FREE rewards like gift cards to your favorite places to shop.
So not only do you get many ways to save at stores you normally shop at, but you also get great FREE rewards.
Here’s an example: It’s a family member’s birthday and you want to send flowers.
An uninformed shopper goes to an online flower store, places an order for a $50 bouquet of flowers and uses their credit card to pay. The flowers get delivered and the person gets their usual credit card rewards if any are offered (miles or points).

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