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How to organize your coupons

I am always being asked how to organize coupons. Some of this comes from many people telling me that they clip them put them somewhere and forget about them. I am going to show you how I organize mine so they are useful!
First buy one of these to hold them in
Second label them into categories like below I only use my grocery coupons in this holder beauty, food, cleaning, snacks, misc, etc
Third I like to keep them in plastic Ziploc bags in alphabetical order. For me this is the easiest way to find a coupon I am looking for. If you are curious why I use the bags, imagine having this file system fall upside down and 1000 or more coupons on the ground at your local store. It occurred once to me at a local Krogers and was a total nightmare!
Fourth I go through these every week and another time at the end of the month to discard the expired coupons. I take these and send them overseas to military to use to shop. For more please contact me.
Fifth when I shop I take the above with me. I keep it with me in the car so I do not forget. How many times have you walked into a store and though ugh I had a coupon for this at home? I know I used to do the same thing. This stays in my car on the passenger seat. If I forget it in the car I just need to go out to the parking lot.
Sixth the above holder was bought at Big Lots for under $5. I like it because the plastic is very sturdy and has lasted me many years. I only keep my grocery store coupons in it.
Seventh I keep a separate smaller coupon holder in my purse shown below. This again was under $5 at Big Lots. It stays in my purse at all times.
Eight this has entertainment coupons, dinner, fast food, internet coupons for stores, car coupons etc you get the idea. I organize them the same way in category and in alphabetical order. These I do not keep in bags.
My point is just to show you an example of how it can be done, you may not like my system but find something that works for you so you can use those coupons and save money!


One thought on “How to organize your coupons

  1. I actually organize my “tabs” in my organizer in order of the aisles of the grocery store that I frequent the most. I know some shop around so labeling the tabs by product makes more sense but if you shop at the same grocery store I have found labeling the tabs by aisle makes for a quicker trip at the store!


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