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Dingo: $20 Coupon Code (Facebook Promo)!

Dingo is offering up a *HOT* $20 coupon code once they reach 5,000 Facebook “Likers”! To get this coupon, head on over here and “Like” them and then click on the “Join My List” tab and enter your email address. They currently have 1,100 fans, so I’m guessing it won’t take too long for them to get up to 5,000!
Here’s what they’ve stated regarding this promo:
Dingo is trying to reach 5,000 likes. We are rewarding anyone that wants to be a part of this effort by giving away a $20 coupon to the first 5,000 people who like the Dingo page. If you have already “liked” this fan page and are a part of our mailing list, please e-mail custservice@dingobrand.com to have us add you to the list. However, if you are new to this page, please “like” the Dingo page and opt-in for the $20 coupon in the “Join My List” tab. If you have friends that would be interested, let them know! That will be the most effective way to get to our 5,000 goal and for you to get your $20 coupon.
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