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Just found out

Hi Everyone!  I was able to find a parent in my son’s cub scout group that knows about computers. So a big thanks goes out to Derek for looking at it for me!  I just found out this Saturday that my computer issues were unable to be fixed because the motherboard + videocard are out and cannot be repaired. I am very upset about this because I had purchased this computer (our only computer) last July. It was a Gateway and it had started shutting down 2 weeks after I purchased it. When I contacted customer service I got no response back. A friend of my husbands said it sounded like it was overheating and to buy a fan. I did and that seemed to resolve that issue. I am hoping that all the pictures, information, etc will be able to be pulled off of it because I have so much that I have now lost.

So for now my updates may be fewer than usual. I will have to start going to the library again and the hours have been reduced due to budget cuts. I am going to start to save for another computer but it will be well into 2011 before I get a new one. If you know of any good sales on laptops please send me the information. Thanks-Sara

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