Check out Rootz

What is Roozt?

Roozt.com is a deal-of-the-day shopping experience exclusively for socially responsible shoppers. We feature one product daily for up to 80% off retail prices and donate 1% of every purchase to the non-profit of your choice!

All daily deals will be featured in limited quantities for 24 hours only, so when you sign up and get a deal alert you’re interested in, make sure you get ’em while they’re hot because deals will sell out quickly! All of our featured products are from inspiring socially responsible companies that have been thoroughly vetted by our experienced research team and certified to be doing great things for Humanity, their Communities, their Employees, and/or the Environment.

How it works…

1. Sign Up for Deal Alerts

• Roozt Deal Alerts give you a heads-up on the amazing deals, inspiring companies, and the limited quantities available for purchase

• Never miss a deal! Be the first to know when a deal goes live…

2. Buy

• All deals are available in limited quantities for 24 hours, which means you gotta act fast to make sure that you get the deal while it’s hot!

• What happens if a deal sells out before you get to it? Not to worry! You can still buy the product at normal retail price right here on Roozt through our simple one-page checkout. 1% of your purchase will still go to the nonprofit of your choice, and you’ll still earn 25 RooztBux for every dollar spent!

3. Donate

• 1% of everything purchased on Roozt.com is donated to the nonprofit of your choice, meaning you can give back while getting hooked up!

• This donation is already included in your amazing deal price, so it costs you nothing to donate!

4. Get Rewards by Spreading the Word!

• Roozt will reward you with “RooztBux” every time you make a purchase, tell your friends, or help spread the word!

• When you Create an Account, you will immediately begin earning RooztBux in that account for all your amazing efforts.

• For every 2000 RooztBux you earn, you’ll get a coupon to save an additional 20% on any future purchase!

Social Entrepreneurship – Bringin’ Sexy Back

What’s sexier than a company or product that is hip, cool, and makes the world a better place?! Besides Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, not a whole lot! That’s why Roozt is committed to bringing you the most amazing products from inspiring companies at incredible discounted prices. Let’s face it: we as consumers want more with our dollars. When our team first went out to find a website to purchase from cool socially responsible companies, we couldn’t find it. So we said, “That’s it. We have to build it.” And here we are today.

But truthfully, this is about you. We thought you’d like to know about some of today’s hottest up-and-coming brands that have awesome products and inspiring business models. That’s why we created an online community where you can support these companies while giving back to charity and not having to break the bank.

1% to Charity

With Roozt, your ability to make a difference goes well beyond supporting responsible businesses, as 1% of every purchase is donated to the non-profit of your choice! Not 1% of profits or proceeds, but 1% of the total sale of everything sold on this site will go directly to the cause that you choose. This means you can get a great deal and still give back! Imagine how good that’s going to feel…



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