The Sword of Darrow

The Sword of Darrow

Do you have an 8-12 year old who loves to read and share their opinions? If so, consider signing them up for the Bella Books Young Reviewers Circle. Bella Books is looking for young readers to share their thoughts about The Sword of Darrow (a book that is set to be released next year) and what they’d like to see in the sequel to make it even better than the first.

Here’s what kids who participate will receive…

* A special, personalized pre-release edition of the magical new children’s book, The Sword of Darrow

* An official BenBella Books Young Reviewers Circle membership certificate

* A signed copy of The Sword of Darrow when it’s officially released next year.

* Their name, actually printed in the book, recognizing them as a member of the BenBella Books Young Reviewers Circle.

Are you ready to sign your 8-12 year old kiddos up?! All you need to do is send an email to youngreviewers@benbellabooks(dot)com. Be sure to include your child’s name and mailing address to send the book.

Go Here


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