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Reminder – Military Coupon Program and Help the Military And Others In Need With Your Coupons!

With the month just starting I always have people asking me what to do with coupons they do not want or coupons that are expired. I published this information on my blog earlier last year just wanted to share this once again-

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Military Coupon Program

Join Us in Operation Expiration

Overseas military bases will accept expired grocery coupons up to six months from their expiration date as well as non-expired coupons.  We just recently learned of an overseas military base that needs coupons, and they  have given us permission to share their information with you.  For the cost of postage, you can help our military families save big every month!

PLEASE NOTE: Some people have been sending coupons that are expired PAST the 6 month limit, and the military base personnel are spending hours sorting through huge boxes of unsorted coupons to find usable coupons.  Please send coupons that are only expired by a month or two, and sort them into categories to make it easier on everyone involved.

Vicky Forehand, PSC 37 Box 3867, APO, AE 09459 (United Kingdom).  You may email Vicky to ask any questions by clicking here
Derma J. Close, CMR 437 Box 1517, APO AE 09267-1517 (starting Jan. 1 2010)
Kristina Boone, PSC 2 Box 7448 APO, AE 09012
Incirlik Coupon Program
Unit 7505 box 175
APO AE 09824
email addy:for questions
Mannheim Commissary, Bldg. 200, Unit 29902, APO, AE 09086. (Germany)
Naples Commissary, DeCa/EU/NAP, Pcs 808, Box 44, FPO AE 09618-0044. (Italy)
Shinnen Commissary, Unit 21692, APO AE 09703-1602. (Netherlands)

Donna Presslor (coordinates multiple coupon sources to be mailed to bases)
205 N.  Harrison St.
Russellville, IN  46175  (she coordinates several coupon packages for shipment overseas)

**PLEASE sort the coupons into categories before shipping them to Donna.  The great news is that she’s getting lots of coupons and has sent out over 8 packages to military bases in only one month with your help!  If you do send her coupons, please consider including $1 to help her defray the cost of postage.  Thank you!

This is a really great program and I hope you all become involved. Items that usually get thrown away can be used! FYI If you don’t want to send these on your own I can send them for you just go here for more

Help the Military And Others In Need With Your Coupons!

If any one has coupons they don’t want please let me know!

1. I can use them! How?
I use these to get free or reduced items
I donate these items in my local area
Where? To churches, shelters these are for people + pets, and more also when I see food drives or if I know of families in need
Some of the places I have helped are the Red Cross, Cherry Street Mission, Food For Thought

Some posts of what I have done can be found here

2. A friend (my friend Shelby also is a couponer)

3. For the military if they are expired! (see below how these can be used)

For more about the expired coupons and how they use them and where you can send them directly go here

Please contact me! or send them to-
Saving with Sara (Sara Graff)
681 Little Creek Drive
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

I also have a donation button and you can find more about this here

Thanks again to all of my readers! I am hoping to be able to continue to grow my blog more please feel free to share with others!


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