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Little Man Has Been Sick

Our son Dave came down with a really bad cold starting last week. He missed school on Tuesday. We have him on antibiotics and are hoping it will get this gone quick. I will be back to posting as usual tomorrow. Also wanted to give a quick update of what is going on.

Asking for prayers for my son Dave-Just wanted to let you know we have found a doctor in Columbus at The Columbus Childrens Hospital that may be able to get us some answers. (he is from one of the big hospitals that we were unable to travel to. We are going for a consultation on (April 26…Dave and I are gonna head down the day before after school. (think they said it is a 3 hour drive) I am hoping we will only be there 2-3 days. II will stay with my brother in law or if it is problem they did say they have a Ronald Mcdonald house in the area. Kinda depends on if they can get all the cts and mri bloodwork etc done. It is just a step in what we are hoping is a answer to his health issues. We will have to go back maybe 2-3 more times for some testing a lung biopsy and some other things. We are praying if we get answers we will not have to move to far away. Thanks again
FYI I started a blog about him a few months back find it here-http://hopefordave.blogspot.com/



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