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Trying to grow my blog this is the 3rd year I have published Saving with Sara. I work very hard at my blog. I have 834 Facebook Fans, 566 on Twitter. Pinterest for both blogs 968. I will have more reviews and giveaways coming soon.

If you know of anyone that would want to contact me for any type of PR my information is below.

PR Information

Do you have a new product or are you starting a new business would you want to let others know about it? This is also for companies that have been around and would like to advertise or feature some of the best selling items to share with my blog readers. I enjoy telling my readers about businesses, items and events that they would like. On my site I feature several ways to share these with my readers. I can provide you with advertising, different ways to feature your business and also do product giveaways.

Saving with Sara can provide you with product reviews, product giveaways, posts that are sponsored that are viewed by my loyal readers everyday. Are you having a event that you would like me to attend? I am willing to do this also.

I have several spots available for advertising.

Please contact me for more information. Sara Graff –

I enjoy working with others like you to bring my readers products, businesses that they will love!
Sponsored Posts or Advertising Spots

These are a featured posts or advertisements that inform my readers about your company, website, product, services, information or a event.
Rates start at just $25 and range up to $150
These are completed within 4 days of payment being received and will be a minimum of 200 words. I will feature any photos and graphics that you provide.

I will tell my readers in a disclosure that the advertisement or sponsored post that this was sponsored
Free Giveaways, Featured Posts and Reviews

* These are always done free of charge
* All posts that I write are also featured on my personal Facebook page, my business Facebook page and on my business Twitter account
* These are featured in a special area on my site
* Readers can look at this post for years on Saving with Sara (it will stay in my archives listed on my blog)
* Your post will have individual content wrote by myself (unless information is provided that you would like listed
* Your post will also have spots where readers may click to follow (these can be provided by myself or provided by you)
Your review will be featured in a post with information on the item, business or event. I will be taking photos and will also feature any other items you would like posted (Links, Photos, Graphics etc.)

Every post is written with 100% honesty and I will tell my readers the positives and or negatives .
Post will read This post may contain affiliate links, sponsored content, or compensated review items. Regardless, all views expressed are that of my own.
Every item sent will be reviewed ( if you need this done by a certain date please let me know)
If you are sending a product for a giveaway please send one for me to review and one for the giveaway

See my disclosure policy here

Please send items to-

Sara Graff (Saving with Sara)
PO Box 392
Perrysburg, Ohio 43552
This is our temporary po box we will have a regular mailing address middle to end of May
Thanks so much! 🙂

Find the link about PR on my blog here

See my disclosure policy here



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