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Why I May Never Shop At JC Penny Again!

JC Penny USED to be one of my favorite stores to shop at. I always was sent coupons in the mail or I could find coupons online. Our family could always find something we needed at a great price.  Last year they made some changes that I feel were a huge mistake. No more coupons less sales etc…… So I had stopped shopping there. Then a few months ago all the customers were sent a email saying they had listened to them and were going back to the old way of doing things. 
About a month ago I was sent a online promotion that was for $10 off any purchase. (no minimum about had to be spent) I ended up ordering my daughter some flip flops she needed. I was able to get 5-6 pairs out of pocket for about $6. Great deal right? I waited about 2 weeks because I had ordered them site to store. Then I got this in my email from JCPenny-
At jcpenney, we always want you to have the best. The recent $10 off $10 MORE2BUY coupon you received was part of that intent. However, that offer was designed for one-time use only. We will honor the $10 off your first order but any subsequent orders placed using this discount will be canceled. We apologize for any confusion and invite you to take advantage of all the great offers currently available at jcp.com. Come back and see what’s new and enjoy 10% off your next online purchase (use promo code 10MAY at checkout), May 14 through May 20, 2013. Thank you for shopping with us, and we look forward to serving you in the future. 
Let me just say I had never used this code before. I am not a scam artist nor would I try to use this code more than one time. So they canceled my order and I never got the flip flops for my daughter. Even though it said they would honor $10 off my order. Why did they bother sending me the promotion if I could not use it? The charge was refunded to my credit card but let me just say after all the hassle I will most likely not be shopping at the store again.
Last week they had a article on Yahoo-JCPenny marks up prices, just to mark them down again (as do most stores as many people know about retail)
Do you still shop at JCPenny? Why or why not? What do you think about what took place? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

6 thoughts on “Why I May Never Shop At JC Penny Again!

  1. Yeah, it really is a shame that a classic American department store is struggling so. I actually found the marked up prices myself, very sad. I know many companies do it- it is supply and demand. However they way they are doing abou it is just desperate and not a way to keep customers buying. Thanks for your thoughts too.


  2. I sometimes shop JCP online for custom window treatments b/c they have a nice selection, but I rarely shop there for anything else. I have never really liked their site and was not a fan of them doing away with coupons. I get what they were trying to accomplish, but as consumers we are always wary of “lower prices”. Mainly b/c they never seem to be!


  3. I am not happy with the changes they have made in the past year or so. I am really disappointed that they have raised prices just to “lower” them. It is lame. I fear they have dug their own grave.


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