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Help Me Get To Bloggy Con 2014

One of my goals is to attend Bloggy Con 2014 next year. It is going to be Sept 12-14 and held at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. I met so many people and it was my first conference that I have been able to attend. I made a few blogger friends that I have stayed in contact with. I am hoping that these conferences continue to help me grow my blog. I was on a waiting list to attend this year and got lucky that someone could not attend. I want to make sure this year that I am set to go.

I just joined Go Fund Me and you can see my page here and donate if you would like

Here is what you will see on the page-

I have been blogging for the last 3 years. My blog is Saving with Sara. I attended last years Bloggy Con 2013 as my first blog conference. I learned a great deal and it has helped me continue to grow as a blogger. I am starting this to help me cover the costs of the upcoming blog conference.

I am looking for sponsors on any level to attend the conference. (business or individual) I am offering advertising free on my site to any sponsors. I will also have a t-shirt made up with the sponsors name and logo. I am also willing to have posts with the sponsors information on my Blog, Facebook and Twitter. I thank you for your support!

If you do not want to donate on Go Fund Me but would like to be a sponsor please email me at


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