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Hurry To Toys R Us Backpacks $2.00 & Many Other Deals!

14882309_10210762059797148_3682928219876367141_oToday I decided to pop in to Toys R Us. I don’t stop in very often. Not far from the front door I saw this sign saying all clearance Backpacks & Lunchkits $2 (then under it says reg $5.98). So I look and see quite a few on clearance but none have a original price of $5.98. I grabbed 4-Swiss Gear backpacks (from the same company that makes Swiss Army knives) that were priced in the $24.99-$30.00 range. I took them up to the register and explained the sign they rang up at full price. With tax my total was $89. The cashier got the manager and she said the sign is a error and all of the items are just $2.00. I just got 4 and left. They had a ton of backpacks and lunch kits left. (Lunchkits are normal lunchboxes) I get paid Friday and I am hoping they have more that I can buy and donate.

Next I found a bunch of these Frozen Big Wheels marked down to just $14.90


They also had this Huffy 3 wheeled scooter for $10.90

I did not have a ton of time but also saw many other things marked down like the picture above for $12.90.

Let me know if you find any good deals. Per the manager they have the right to make exceptions and change prices. These may not be the same as the items featured in your store. These would make great gifts or donations. Good luck!


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