thredUp (Consignment/Upfront Items)

thredUp (Consignment:Buy, Sell, Donate) $10 Free to Spend with my Link


Give $10, Get $10

Your friend gets $10 to spend and you get $10 when they spend it. Everybody wins!

Use my link here

About them:

thredUP is the easiest way to shop and sell high-quality secondhand clothes


Shop the brands you love at up to 90% off every day. Experience the thrill of the find with thousands of like-new arrivals every minute. Shop here

Clean Out

Order a Clean Out Bag and refresh your wardrobe. Fill it up with like-new women’s and kids’ clothes. Earn a little cash or credit. Find it here

Let me tell you they have been awesome. I order a clean out bag. You should get it in a few days. Fill it with your items. Send it in. (I take mine to Fed Ex this way I have a receipt to show when I sent it)  If they cannot sell the items it can be donated to charity. Next they process it. This can be quick but sometimes if they are busy can take a few weeks. Usually they give you a date. Soon a email will come with your offer. You can use it to spend on the site, get a Visa Prepaid card or get it via Paypal.

My first few bags of items I shopped on the site. With the holidays coming I have been getting the Visa cards. I have found they pay me more then anywhere in my local area.

Let me know how you do and what you find.





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