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Dear Media…Felt the Need to Share This In the Loss of Reagan Tokes


  1. I debated on posting this. But to be honest so many things have occurred in the last few days that should not have. Recently a member of our church family and my daughters youth group had gone missing her name was Reagan Tokes. Tragically later she was found murdered. This occurred in Columbus, Ohio where she was attending school. Such a selfless act I can’t make sense of it. As a mother this shocks me to my core. Not sure the normal procedures but to see this on a news page or Facebook before some of the family was contacted is just awful. With the current media reports and posts on social media this is my take on the situation. I am not trying to be part of the problem I want to be part of the solution. My heart goes out to the Tokes family (Toby, Lisa & Makenzie  + several others)
  2. Last night many close family, friends and youth group came together to remember a life gone to soon at Maumee United Methodist Church. Upon arrival in the parking lot my daughter and I were approached by a reporter and photographer from the Toledo Blade. I realize they have a job to do but them saying they were attempting to write some kind words, to see if we knew her, do it out of respect seems so untrue. While we were there to find comfort, strength and to grieve they had been asked to please leave. I had told them that the church was not a place for this. Several church members had asked them to please go away. However it later was found after many attempts the snuck in the church. I am not sure if photos were taken but after a prayer we looked up to see this same reporter in the back of the church. Then today I saw a article on the front page. Hearing how many news stations including Good Morning America wanting to come in and be there in this time. To me it seems so unthoughtful, and I am glad that were turned away. Let the family, church, youth group etc. time to process it all. The social media untruths have been relentless. I realize you may not agree with me but we are all allowed our own thoughts.
  3. Please know this is someone’s child, sister, friend, roommate, church member etc. In a few days the media will go on to something else. In this tragedy we must say it is hard to understand and process. I know God is there to comfort us. Reagan Tokes gained her wings way to soon. She always had a smile on her face and was loving and kind. Our church will have services in the next week. My daughter Jordyn was honored to be in the youth group with her and go on many mission trips. Please continue to pray and turn to God. If anyone can get us thru this it is him. He knows our heart our unspoken words. Love each other, help each other make a positive spin on this. The only way we can get thru this is together. She touched so many people and this should be a way to honor her.
  4. I saw yesterday they have started a Go Fund Me-Here is a little bit from it: This fund is so we no long have to ask why her and make something good, pure and loving; just like Reagan. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to create a scholarship in her honor. This will give other hard working high school students a chance to attend the college of their dreams just like Reagan did. We will also be creating a commemorative plaque that will be placed at the Anthony Wayne Tennis Courts for all the energy and love she put into her teammates and the game. We would like to have this fund accomplished by her funeral on February 16th, 2017.  To see the page please see here
  5. Below is a picture of one of the many mission trips that the youth group and church family took together back in 2012



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