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Why I Quit My Full Time Job After 6 Months

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Let me start by saying I really was not sure if I was going to write about this or not. But with being a mom, wife and blogger I felt like this was just something that I needed to do. On August 22 I started a full time job. I never intended to work full time. I wanted to have more adult interaction and not be home 24/7. With my son being 14 and starting high school I felt it was time. When I had applied the ad had said part time. This being said I went to the interview and was offered the job. The stipulation was that it was full time, part time was not available. We needed the extra income to help pay our day to day bills. My first day was my sons first day of high school.

The shift was 7 pm to 3:30 am which for school and summer was going to work out great. Ask anyone who knows me I am a night owl. I could be here after school, for supper, homework etc. fast forward to summer I could sleep and then wake up to do stuff during the day. At first I loved it. I met so many nice people that were my friends and still are. Then I realized that I was being singled out and some of my coworkers continued to give me a very hard time. I am usually a very happy person. This soon changed. The 40 hours a week grew and we had mandatory overtime. I stopped seeing my family and friends. If I was not at work I was sleeping and when I was up I was tired this more times than not also gave me a headache. I prayed things would get better they did not.

I was told at the start they would try to work with me and give me Tuesdays off so I could be at scouts with my son. This never was brought up again. I had a strange schedule I would work 6 days in a row and one off. Then the next week 3 off. So one week I had off Friday and the following week Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It made it hard to plan things and usually it seemed like the activities were on the days I was working.

My daughter moved out last May and it had been a very hard time for me. When she was little I had been a single mom, so it was she and I against the world. I am so proud of her she only lives 5 minutes from here and landed a very well paying full time job that is also 5 minutes away. It is just another adjustment in life. The reason I bring this up is a few months back at my sons youth group they had showed a video of how short life and time is. To live and enjoy each moment. Do you know that you only have a estimated 946 weeks from the time your child is born to the time they leave your home? This hit me hard. I was missing so much with my son and others.

Less than 2 weeks ago a close friend from our home church that my daughter attended youth group and mission trips with went missing. I had got a text when I was at work from my daughter in a panic. We all prayed that it was a misunderstanding and that she would be found. Hours later I saw on the news she had been senselessly murdered. This struck me to my core. Reagan Tokes was an amazing person, her smile lit up the whole room. Our family along with our church family and her family has mourned over the last week with a vigil, memorial and burial. This is one of the hardest things that ever has happened in my life. My thoughts and prayers continue for Lisa, Toby and Makenzie. I have tried to remember the good times like when the girls went on a scavenger hunt and one of the things on the list was to walk up to the McDonalds drive thru and order. What was supposed to be a simple task ended because the employees refused to open the window for them. It was really funny and we all laughed for what seemed like forever. I will treasure these moments.

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Work allowed me to switch my day off so I could be at the services. What really upset me was the day of the funeral I was called and texted seeing if I could come in. This made me see that they did not care at all. When I questioned this I had been told they forgot. The next Sunday I picked up a local paper and saw that one of my lifelong friends was in the obituaries. Sadly he was 37 married with 5 children. I found out later he had a accident the year before and decided to take his own life. This was 2 senseless deaths in a week.

Time is so short. Too short to be miserable. Say what you want to say, do those things, make the call, be silly, have lunch with a family member or friend.  I want to thank my family and friends for being there for me. That being said my husband John for supporting my decision to quit last night. It was hard for me to do. I felt like a failure but I needed to do what was right for me. For our family.  Don’t want to continue to miss the important things. Family and friends are more important than money!

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After I quit I went to spend a few hours with my daughter Jordyn. She is one of the best things in my life. Smart, kind and beautiful.

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I now have 2 grand kitties. Goat (Salem) came first. Then recently Reina. She is 4 months old and weighs only 3 pounds. I needed the time to just be with them.

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If you allow people to treat you badly they will continue to do so. So today I am excited to say I can be at my sons scout meeting next week. I am seeing one of my best friends over the weekend. I called my mom just to say Mr. Freeze opens today and I am taking the kids to get some ice cream! In a bit I am going to take my laptop to a coffee shop and go thru emails and spend some time with me. Publish my blog. I have always wanted to write and I am hoping to find more chances to do so.  To those that can work full time and do it all kudos to you. Maybe in 4 years after Dave graduates it will be my time. I am 39 I still have time to figure it out. Thanks for letting me speak from my heart.

I welcome your comments. But I do ask that you keep anything negative to yourself. I wrote this to not only help myself but to inspire others.

On a more positive note-

My son Dave has been such a inspiration to me. He applies his all in everything he does. For years he has been on super honor roll. He is moving up the ranks in scouts he is now star. My little guy is not so little anymore. He towers over his sister and I . I know he will be able to reach his goal of becoming a eagle scout.

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I had time to cuddle with my dog Bear today!

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Back at It! (Update)

So as many of you may or may not have noticed it has been several months since I have published my blog. I started my blog as a way to help others find coupons, deals, enter contests, get freebies and to see more about local attractions/events. In the process of doing this all I realized I was spending far too much time researching, publishing my blog and checking my emails. This is one of the first times I have been on my netbook since June. I want to continue to help but within limits. For some reason I have turned into a anti electronic person for the time being…just meaning that since I started working full time I would rather spend almost 100% of my free time with my family.

My daughter moved out earlier in the year, for me this has been very hard. She is a smart independent women who has a full time job and moved about 5 minutes from home. Let me just say it has been a adjustment. My son started 8th grade so he is now in high school. He has always done very well and is in all honors classes. The same day he started school I started a new full time job. I am learning to be a Pharmacy Tech. Order Entry I almost feel as if I am back in school. I trained on days but my normal hours will be 7 PM to 3:30 AM for our family it will work great because this way during his breaks and summer I can be home with him. I also get to see him after school and for dinner. As a mom I am having a bit of a struggle because I realize that there may now be things I have to miss, but am hoping that I will know ahead of time so I can schedule around it. I am thankful when I am not here my husband will be home with him.

So realistically I wanted to say as far as coupons seem to go in our area that I feel like shows on TV and certain people have made it very hard to get things for free or cheap. I feel it was never supposed to be this way. So many people are going without, things were never intended to be a selfish situation.  If you have noticed this is why I have less of the coupons on my blog. I am proud to say I am still a Mommy Blogger and blogging is not dead!  Today I am going to try to start posting with a goal of every other day (don’t hold me to it!) I hope you will continue to read my blog. Any words of advice are welcome. Any negative things you can keep to yourself. If you would like to help me and co publish let me know. I also would like to update my blog and make things more current. Any help received would be returned in coupons, free items or yummy baked goods. (my blog is profit free so that is all I can afford) If you have any places for me to visit, deals or freebies I will share with my readers shoot me a email at

Bloggy Con is coming up in a few weeks and I am looking forward to seeing other bloggers and finding out the most current companies out there. It lets me improve at my blog and still have a mini vacation at Cedar Point with my family. I hope to be posting when I am there or shortly after.

Thanks all for listening to what is going on with me!

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The Verdict….

I was able to have hp (the company I purchased my laptop through) look at it remotely. They tried 2-3 times to fix the issue with me no longer being able to get online or use wifi. Somehow they are saying the adaptor or something mechanical is wrong. They are sending a box sometime this week. I have to pay to ship it to them. They state since it was purchased in late December it may or may not be covered by warranty. When it is determined they will call me to let me know how much I owe them to fix it. I am praying that they will be able to fix it. If they cannot they will ship it back as is.