Help the Military And Others In Need With Your Coupons!

If any one has coupons they don’t want please let me know!

1. I can use them! How?

I use these to get free or reduced items

I donate these items in my local area

Where? To churches, shelters these are for people + pets, and more also when I see food drives or if I know of families in need

Some of the places I have helped are the Red Cross, Cherry Street Mission, Food For Thought

Some posts of what I have done can be found here

2. A friend (my friend Shelby also is a couponer)

3. For the military if they are expired! (see below how these can be used)

For more about the expired coupons and how they use them and where you can send them directly go here

Please contact me! or send them to-

Saving with Sara (Sara Graff)
681 Little Creek Drive
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

I also have a donation button you can find it here

Thanks again to all of my readers! I am hoping to be able to continue to grow my blog more please feel free to share with others!